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Enable Mailroom Notifications
Enable Mailroom Notifications

Learn how to enable your Verkada Mailroom notifications

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Using Verkada Mailroom, Org Admins can choose what type of notifications users in their organization receive when they have a package to pick up. Currently, email, SMS, Slack, and Microsoft Teams notifications are supported.

  1. In Verkada Command, go to All Products > Mailroom.

  2. On the left navigation, click the Settings (gear) icon.

  3. Scroll down to Notifications, check the box next to how you want your org users to be notified (email, SMS, Slack, and Microsoft Teams).

Edit user preferences

Once your Org Admin enables notifications, your org users can also customize what type of notifications they want to receive at

  1. Go to

  2. Enter your email address to receive a login link.

  3. From the email, click Go to

  4. At the top right, click the hamburger (3 vertical lines) icon and select Edit Profile.

  5. Under I prefer to be contacted via..., select the preferred contact methods.

Package pickup notification

Once a package is delivered, your org users are:

  1. Notified via their desired contact methods (see examples below).

  2. Able to mark the package as picked up.

    Example: Email package notification

    Example: SMS notification

    Example: Slack notification

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