CH52-E Multisensor Camera
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The CH52 is Verkada’s first multisensor camera. It has four independent 5MP image sensors and offers broad coverage with incredible image quality. This provides the benefit of the coverage of a fisheye camera and the image clarity of a dome camera.

Note: Each image sensor has its own serial number. Adding any 1 of the 4 serials will add all 4 serial numbers to Command.

The four 5MP varifocal sensors on the multisensor collectively provide 20MP of resolution, allowing for comprehensive coverage while maintaining image detail. Each sensor can be independently repositioned and zoomed up to 3x, giving you the flexibility to tailor coverage to your needs.

Each sensor is powered by the same processors inside our latest generation dome series, giving you the image quality, onboard processing, and analytics performance of four independent cameras. The 4 CD52-E image sensors appear as 4 distinct video feeds in Command. Each sensor is individually configurable, allowing customization for the following:

Note: The CH52-E does not support LPR mode

Verkada’s multisensor saves money compared to deploying multiple cameras to achieve the same coverage. With Verkada’s multisensor, customers can now support four independent cameras with a single PoE++ port, thereby reducing their install time and infrastructure footprint significantly.

Key Use Cases

The combination of expansive coverage and simple installation makes the multisensor the ideal choice for the following install locations:

  • Corners - For campus quads, airports, police departments, and building exteriors

  • High Ceilings - For retail centers, hotel lobbies, grocery stores, manufacturing floors, assembly halls, correction facilities, gymnasiums, and stadiums

  • Open Spaces - For garages, car dealerships, parking lots, parks, and playgrounds

  • Intersections - For roadways, hallways, corridors, and warehouse traffic monitoring

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