CH52-E Multisensor Camera
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The CH52 is Verkada’s first multisensor camera. With 4 independent 5MP image sensors, it offers broad coverage with incredible image quality.


  • Broad coverage—Provides coverage of a fisheye camera and the image clarity of a dome camera.

  • Tailor your coverage—Each sensor can be independently repositioned and zoomed up to 3x, giving you the flexibility to tailor coverage to your needs.

  • Saves money—No need to deploy multiple cameras to achieve the same coverage.

  • Support with a single port—4 independent cameras with a single PoE++ port, thereby reducing their install time and infrastructure footprint significantly.

  • Better resolution—4 5MP varifocal sensors collectively provide 20MP of resolution, allowing for comprehensive coverage while maintaining image detail.

  • First-rate analytics performance—Each sensor is powered by the same processors inside our latest generation dome series, providing the image quality, onboard processing, and analytics performance of 4 independent cameras.

  • Customizable configuration—The 4 CD52-E image sensors appear as 4 distinct video feeds in Command. Each sensor is individually configurable, allowing customization for:

Note: Each image sensor has its own serial number. By default, when you add any 1 of the 4 serial numbers, it also adds all 4 serial numbers to Verkada Command.

Note: The CH52-E does not support LPR mode.

Key use cases

The combination of expansive coverage and simple installation makes the multisensor the ideal choice for the following install locations:

  • Corners—For campus quads, airports, police departments, and building exteriors

  • High ceilings—For retail centers, hotel lobbies, grocery stores, manufacturing floors, assembly halls, correction facilities, gymnasiums, and stadiums

  • Open spaces—For garages, car dealerships, parking lots, parks, and playgrounds

  • Intersections—For roadways, hallways, corridors, and warehouse traffic monitoring

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