When viewing a live feed, you can toggle the video quality. SD provides a shorter delay and uses less bandwidth. HD has better image quality, but uses more bandwidth and has a greater delay than SD. It is also possible to select the default video quality for all cameras in your organization.

Selecting the Video Quality on a camera

  1. Select the camera you would like to view

  2. In the bottom left of the live stream select the SD/HD menu

  3. Switch between SD and HD as desired

Live Feed Bitrate

Bitrates vary by camera model and whether you are streaming in SD or HD. See below for bitrates in each scenario:

  • SD: 300 Kbps (D30, D40, D50)

  • SD: 600 Kbps (D80, CF81, CD31, CD41, CD51, CD61, CD62, CB61, CM41, CM61, CB51)

  • HD: 1 Mbps (D30, D50)

  • HD: 1.5 Mbps (D40, CM41, CD31, CD41, CD51, CB51)

  • HD: 2 Mbps (D80, CM61)

  • HD: 3 Mbps (CF81, CD61, CD62, CB61)

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