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Wireless Lock Internal Push to Unlock Button
Wireless Lock Internal Push to Unlock Button

Have the ability to toggle access schedules off with the push of a button. This allows for a door to remain unlocked until pushed again.

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Today, we protect doors in a couple of different modes

  • Access Controlled - Access cards deliver an ephemeral change of state

  • Unlocked - Access cards are irrelevant, door is unlocked

  • Locked - Access cards are irrelevant, door is locked

  • Lockdown (Schedule)

    • Cards that can deliver an ephemeral change (people allowed to “unlock).

  • Wireless Lock Internal Push Button.

    • Office Mode - default, no override

    • Classroom/Storeroom Mode - button press triggers the access control system to behave like a physical key

We now also support Schlage office and classroom/storeroom wireless lock schedule overrides. The function state can be configured when ordering the lock from the vendor and during lock setup via the Schlage mobile application. The AD series and Engage series locks come with an interior push button. The interior push button will disable normal electronic access from the exterior and confirms the state of the lock via an LED indicator. When the lock is in Function 50 mode, opening the door or pressing the interior push button a second time on the inside housing reactivates the access control state. Anyone can trigger the internal lock.

The office override is provided as default and does not override the access control schedule when the button is pressed. The classroom/storeroom override allows the access control system to behave like a physical key. It serves the following use cases:

  1. Person unlocks the door in the morning → the door is unlocked for the rest of the day (until toggled again)

  2. Person locks the door in the afternoon → the door is relocked (access controlled) until it is toggled again

Wireless Lock Set Up

  1. Add your AC41 in Schlage Mode

    Note: If the AC41 is already added it will need to be deleted and re-added in Schlage Mode

  2. When adding a door, specify the lock function

    1. You can select either Office (Function 70) or Classroom/Storeroom (Function 50)

  3. Once the door is enabled, you will be presented with this graphic walking you through how the function operates.

  4. You will also be able to verify the lock function via the doors list

  5. When the button is pushed:

    1. A door event will appear in the door history page

    2. Schedule changes will not take effect

    3. The override state will be indicated on the doors page

Warning: If the lock runs out of battery or loses connection to the wireless hub, it can no longer be reached. As a result, lockdowns, overrides, and remote unlocks will not be operational. In order to ensure that the locks remain access controlled in the event of an emergency and loss of connection configure via the SUS app:

  • Comm loss fail mode: secure lock

  • Configure battery fail mode: secure lock

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