Guest invites allow you to streamline the check-in process when guests are invited to your org by sending them check-in instructions when you invite them using a calendar invite. It allows your guest the option to check in before they arrive and receive any instructions you would like them to have before their visit.

Note: Hosts who don't have access to Verkada Command can still invite guests at


  • You will need to have your Guest account set up before you can start sending invites. If you have not set up your Guest account yet click here to get started.

Creating Guest Types

Before you can send a guest invite you will need to create a guest type.


  1. Select the Guest tab from the Home page

  2. Use the drop-down menu on the right-hand side to verify you are in the desired site

  3. Select the settings gear in the top right-hand corner

  4. Select the site settings then select Guest Types

  5. Select + Add Guest Type

  6. Label the guest type and choose Create, from here you can edit the guest type settings:

    1. Check in: Edit the settings to fit your desired guest type

    2. Welcome message: Add messaging or instructions to your guest's welcome email

    3. Post check-in message: Create a message to welcome your guests and guide them to any next steps

    4. Allow this guest to unlock select doors: Select any doors this guest should be able to open. Once selected you can edit the days and times guests will be able to access these doors.

      Note: They will only be able to access the doors on the days they check-in

  7. Select the checkmark in the top right-hand corner when you are done to save

Sending Guest Invites

Once you have created your guest types you can start sending out invites.


  1. Select the Guest tab from the Home page

  2. Select the Invite tab from the menu

  3. Select Invite Guests in the top right-hand corner

  4. From the Choose a guest type to invite dropdown select the type of guest you want to invite

  5. Select Copy invite address and paste the address as one of the invitees in your calendar invite

  6. Once you create the calendar invite, Verkada Guest will do the rest and send your guests a link to RSVP 24 hours before the meeting

Note: The invite email addresses never change, so these can be shared among employees to invite guests.

Accepting Guest Invites

Once a guest is invited they will get two separate emails. One will be the calendar invite and the other will be from Verkada 24 hours before the event asking them to check-in. Guest can pre-register at any time by clicking the link in the email. It will take them to a webpage where they can check-in.

Once a guest arrives they can sign in via email or iPad kiosk. If they already checked in their information will automatically pre-populate.

Receptionists Access

Receptionists also have access to tools that can assist in streamlining the check-in process detailed below.

  • From the Guests Invites page they can see who is expected, who has RSVP'd, and who has not checked in yet

  • From the Guests Log page, they can print badges ahead of time once a guest has checked in by selecting the Print Badge button next to the guest's name

  • From the Guests Log page, they can also sign in RSVP'd visitors by selecting the Sign In button next to the guest's name.

Note: Printing badges and signing in guests can also be done in bulk by selecting one of the guests or the event and selecting the appropriate buttons.

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