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Set Up Smart Tiles on the VX52
Set Up Smart Tiles on the VX52

Learn how to set up smart tiles on the Verkada VX52 Viewing Stations

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The Verkada Smart Tiles feature provides a way to display the most notable options from access events, sensor events, and notable camera data and data sets. Admins can remotely manage the Verkada VX52 Viewing Station, select video feeds and Smart Tiles to display, and customize layouts.

Find the smart tiles for your VX52

Once you set up your VX52, you can configure the tiles on the VX52 and add smart tiles.

  1. In Verkada Command, go to All Products > Devices.

  2. Find and select your VX52 that you want to set up smart tiles for.

  3. At the top right, click Manage Tiles.

  4. At the top center, select Smart Tiles.

Choose the type of smart tiles to add

There are 3 different types of Smart Tiles you can add to your VX52:

Active Area

Displays the camera with the most motion. To change which camera(s) display on the active area tile, select the tile to see the information panel where you can select from the following options:

  • The current page

  • All pages

  • A camera of your choice that is not already set up on the viewing station

Access Control

Displays all most recent door events, including any door event that you would see indoor history, such as:

  • Access granted events

  • Access denied events

  • Door open events

  • Door held open (DHO) and door forced open (DFO) events

When you select this tile, you can choose which door is displayed on the VX52.

Sensor Readings

Displays the air quality readings of your choice. From the Customize Data tab, you can select a sensor reading when you select the sensor tile. See Air Quality Sensor Readings.

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