License plate of interest allows users to define a list of license plates that will trigger an alert when detected.

Configure License Plate of Interest

  1. Navigate to the All Products page

  2. Select Cameras

  3. Select Vehicles

  4. Select + License Plates of Interest

  5. Type a plate number

  6. Select Add to finalize the License Plate of Interest

  7. Once the license plate is added you can also add a description for ease of reference

You can also toggle License Plate of Interest on any license plate entry in the All License Plates view.

Configure Notifications

  • Navigate to Alerts, the bell icon in the bottom left-hand corner of Command

  • Select License Plates of Interest

  • Select the bell icon to manage notifications

Note: License plates of interest are configured on a per-organization basis. The License Plate of Interest list is shared among all users of the organization. Email and SMS notifications are configured on a per-user basis. When a user activates SMS or email notifications they will receive notifications for all License Plates of Interest on the organization.

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