License plate of interest allows users to define a list of license plates that will trigger an alert when detected.

Configure License Plate of Interest

  • Navigate to Events

  • Select License Plates

  • Select the license plate with bell icon on the right side of the screen

  • Type a plate number

  • Select Add to finalize the License Plate of Interest

  • Once the license plate is added you can also add a description for ease of reference

You can also toggle License Plate of Interest on any license plate entry in the event view.

Configure Notifications

  • Navigate to Events

  • Select License Plates

  • Select the bell icon to manage notifications

Note: License plates of interest are configured on a per-organization basis. The License Plate of Interest list is shared among all users of the organization. Email and SMS notifications are configured on a per-user basis. When a user activates SMS or email notifications they will receive notifications for all License Plates of Interest on the organization.

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