Access Control Tailgating

Enabling and configuring tailgate detection

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Tailgating refers to the act of waiting for an authorized user to open a door, and slipping in behind them to gain unauthorized access to a building. For most organizations, this poses a major security risk. Through our new tailgate detection feature, organizations can now easily identify such behavior. Tailgating events populate in Command, along with all other door events, enabling more proactive protection of people and assets. Verkada’s tailgating implementation does not require any new hardware. As long as you have a Verkada camera paired with an access controlled door, you can enable this software feature through Command.

With integrated video security and access control, Verkada leverages data from door events and edge-based video analytics to produce an accurate people count. If multiple people enter a doorway through one access grant, the system raises an event and flags it as tailgating.

Note: Tailgate detection does not currently support fisheye cameras (CF81-E or D80)

Camera Mounting Requirements for Best Results

  • Inside camera

    The camera should be mounted on the inside of the door (opposite of the reader) such that people will walk towards the camera after badging in

  • Camera height

    The camera should be higher than the top of the door frame

  • Camera field of view (FOV)

    There must be a gap between the bottom of the door frame and the edge of camera's FOV

  • Camera angle

    The camera angle should be between 10° and 55° relative to the perpendicular axis (measured when looking directly at the door)

  • Max Distance from Door

    The following table shows the maximum distance the cameras should be placed from the door for optimal results

Camera Model

Max Distance from Door [ft]













Setup Steps

  1. Select the door you want to enable tailgating on.

  2. Browse to the Settings page.

  3. Under Pairing Cameras, Add a camera if you have not already.

  4. Under the Pairing Cameras section toggle on Track Tailgating for the Interior camera (this feature is currently not supported on exterior cameras).

  5. After the setup menu pops up, verify the camera is mounted according to the recommended settings on the first page. Then select Next.

  6. On the second page, highlight the door in the grid making sure the door takes up at least 80% of the frame. Then select Done.

  7. If tailgating is detected, the event will populate in Command within 3 minutes.

Note: A DPI must be installed on the door and enabled in the settings in order to configure tailgating detection.

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