Enable Data Sharing with Verkada

Learn how to share images and video data to help Verkada improve analytics features

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Sharing your camera footage with Verkada develops and improves the analytics features across all Verkada cameras.

Note: This is an opt-in feature and is disabled, by default. This toggle is separate from the Enable Support Access toggle. Opting in allows Verkada Engineering to collect, store, view, and annotate images and video, and to create derivative works, for model training. All data is collected from our Amazon Web Services (AWS) backend and not directly from your cameras. This feature does not allow Verkada Support to access your camera's images and video.

  1. In Verkada Command, go to All Products > Admin.

  2. At the top, select Privacy & Security.

  3. Toggle on Share data with Verkada.

  4. When you are prompted with the User Agreement, click I Agree to confirm.

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