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Verkada takes away the challenge of working with cell carriers with the (optional) Verkada data plan. Simply add on a Verkada data license and the plan will be activated on the Verkada SIM included with every GC31.

How the plan works

The Verkada data plan is a SIM card that is pre-inserted into every GC31 device that Verkada ships to customers.

The plan is primarily for those who want to connect their Verkada devices to the GC31s.

Required. To use the data plan, you must purchase a Verkada data license per video device that will be connected to the GC31. Learn more about licensing and pricing.

The data plan offers truly unlimited data for streaming video. You can be worry-free about depleting upload or download limits when you have your devices streaming with this data plan.

You can attach and detach a data license to particular devices connected to the GC31 through the data licensing page on your Verkada Command platform.

Note: In the absence of an attached data license, you get a grace period of 30 days before your device stops streaming video via the GC31.

Other Verkada products, such as access controllers, alarm panels, and so on, do not require a data license. They come with complimentary unlimited data.

For more information on data plan pricing, see Ordering Information.

SIM card structure

The Verkada GC31 Cellular Gateway devices have 2 SIM slots each:

  • Slot 1 (Primary)—Default

  • Slot 2 (Secondary)—Has pre-inserted Verkada data SIM

This setup allows you to bring your own SIM card to use with the GC31/GC31-E. Alternatively and optionally, you can use the Verkada data SIM when you purchase a Verkada data license.

The Verkada data plan comes with an eSIM that is inserted into the devices in a nano SIM card form factor.

Supported carriers

Verkada data plan-supported carriers

The Verkada data plan works across major carriers, allowing the GC31 to automatically

switch carriers if the current network is down. The eSIM has the ability to connect to multiple carriers across different regions, as listed below.

The carriers listed below are tested and verified to be compatible with the GC31 devices. More testing and verification will continue in an effort to expand on the compatibility list.




Verizon; T-Mobile (roaming), AT&T (roaming)




Three (roaming)


Optus (roaming)

How it works

  1. Once you power on the GC31, it boots up and the SIM tries to connect to the nearest tower.

  2. It searches for the native carrier based on its location.

  3. Once identified, the native carrier profile is downloaded onto the SIM card.

  4. The data is then transferred to the nearest tower for the selected carrier.

GC31-supported carriers

These carriers are tested and verified to be compatible with the GC31 devices. More testing and verification will continue in an effort to expand on the compatibility list.




Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T




Three, Vodafone, EE



Bring your own SIM

As a customer, you have the option to bring your own (BYO) data plan. In this case, you don’t need to purchase a Verkada data license, and the Verkada data SIM provides a free backup of 1GB/month data. The GC31 BYO SIM acts the primary and fails over to the Verkada SIM, if needed.


How does the GC31 data SIM act as a failover?

In the case that your own SIM (primary SIM) disconnects from the tower, the device has a mechanism that constantly runs to monitor the connectivity. Once it senses a disconnect, it fails over to the Verkada data SIM (secondary SIM). The data SIM works as a fallback option until the primary SIM is connected and is back online.

Note: The fallback option offers up to 1 Gb per month for all connected devices.

How does the device know when to fallback to the secondary SIM?

The device has a state machine that constantly monitors SIM activity. For details, see GC31 Cellular Gateway Dual-SIM Support.

How can I manually choose the APN my data SIM needs to connect to?

You can access the GC31’s local server page to set manual APN details. Learn more about the GC31 local server.

Is the data license permanently linked to a particular camera/intercom?

The data license is not linked to one particular device. It can be linked and unlinked from devices, as needed.

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