Adding a camera to a door adds a sense of additional security when viewing door history and activity. To add a camera to a doors live feed is a very simple process. You can add up to two cameras per door.

Adding a camera

  1. Navigate to the Access Control tab in Command
  2. Select Doors and select the door you want to add a camera to
  3. Select the Gear icon and then click + Add Cameras
  4. Select the camera that you want to add to the door
  5. You will now see the live feed that is associated to the door
  6. Optionally under Location you can choose between an inside or outside door type from the drop down menu

Indoor vs Outdoor

You can specify whether the newly added camera is inside or outside to calibrate which camera will be used for certain events. The outside camera views the doors pre-authentication side while the inside camera views the doors post-authentication side.

As an example, on a door rejected event the outside camera feed will be shown since the person did not get passage to the post-authentication area.

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