Verkada cameras can proactively notify you via SMS (text) or email when the camera detects more than the user-specified number of people or vehicles in the camera's field of view. Configuration steps and examples are below.

Note: Crowd events are configured on a per-camera basis.

Configuring Crowd Events

  1. Select the camera you want to enable this feature on

  2. Select Settings

  3. Select Events

  4. Toggle on Crowd Events

  5. Change the alert threshold to the appropriate number of people or vehicles by clicking the dropdown menu

Enabling Crowd Event Alerts

After you have set up crowd events on your camera(s), you will then need to specify which type of alert you wish to receive. Below are steps on how to do so.

Note: Email & SMS alerts need to be set up on a per-user basis.

  1. Select the Events page from the left-hand menu

  2. Click the bell icon next to the Cameras tab

  3. Select the type of alert you wish to receive

Crowd events are supported on all Verkada cameras including the 1st generation D30/D50 cameras.

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