Archives support the ability to blur faces upon creation. The maximum archive length when this option is selected is 10 minutes.

When an archive is created with the option to Blur All Faces selected, two archives will be created. The first will be a standard archive with no faces blurred, and the second will be an archive of the same time period but with all faces blurred.

Note: An archive with blurred faces can take up to an hour to create.

Creating an archive with blurred faces

  1. Select a camera
  2. Select the Archive tab
  3. Select New Archive
  4. Select the date and time of the archive
    Note: The maximum archive length with blurred faces is 10 minutes
  5. Select Blur All Faces
  6. Create the archive

The archive with faces blurred will have a note saying so on the archive thumbnail.

Blurring faces works best when there are no more than a few people in each frame. It also works best when there are no objects partially occluding a face, such as a baseball cap. If needed, third party tools can be used after the fact for touch ups – this should take considerably less time than manually blurring each face in an entire archive.

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