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Selective Face Blur for Archives
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Selective Face Blur creates an archive with each face blurred except the faces you deselect. This is a great option to preserve the privacy of bystanders when you export the video of an event.

Face blur works best when:

  • There are only a few people in each frame.

  • People's faces are clearly visible - hats and masks tend to partially block faces which can result in missed detections.

Create a Face Blur archive

  1. In Verkada Command, go to All Products > Cameras.

  2. Select a camera to archive.

  3. At the bottom of the camera footage, select the Archive tab and click Add Archive.

  4. Under Advanced Settings, toggle on Blur Faces.

  5. Click Select Faces to deselect any faces you do not wish to blur. Click on the image of a detected person in the right-side panel and click in the top right corner of the image to unblur that person in the archive.

    Note: For optimal accuracy, you may see repeated individuals. Make your selections, click Done, and then Save to create the archive.

  6. Two separate archives will be created: one with the blurred faces (auto-tagged with Blurred Faces) and the second with the original un-blurred video.


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