Find a Camera's MAC Address

Find your camera's MAC address in Command

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Note: All Verkada MAC addresses start with E0:A7:00

In some cases, such as for troubleshooting, static DHCP assignments, firewall whitelists, etc. it is useful to know the MAC address of the camera.

There are two main ways to find your camera's MAC address:

  1. Printed on the camera label - On the bottom of each camera is a label containing the serial number, a quick-add QR code, as well as the MAC address.

  2. Camera Info Page - Once the camera has come online in command, you can find the MAC address from the camera's info page:

    1. Select the devices tab

    2. From the list of devices, select the camera in question

    3. You will find the MAC address on the camera info section on the right

Note: Viewing the camera's MAC address from Command requires the Org Admin permission level.

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