Verkada cameras are plug-and-play. When you add them to your organization and connect them to the network, they will obtain an IP address automatically using DHCP and establish a connection to Command. 

In some instances, you may need the camera MAC address to set a DHCP reservation or add it to a port security whitelist for full network access. Command shows the MAC address for every camera on the Camera page. To see the option to add the MAC address filter, you must be an Org admin.

MAC address filter

  1. Click the Cameras page
  2. Click the checker button in the top right corner to show the list of additional filters
  3. Select MAC filter to apply this filter to the list

Cameras need be fully connected to the Cloud before the MAC address is published in Command. If the cameras shows Waiting to be connected or is not fully connected to the Cloud, it is expected the MAC address will shows Unavailable. In these instances, try connecting the camera to a network that doesn't require a DHCP reservation or port security, so it can check-in and report its MAC. Once the MAC is reported, note the MAC, move it back to the high security network and configure your DHCP reservation or port security as required. 

Contact Support for assistance with fully connected camera that do not report their MAC address. 

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