With Motion Tiles, the Viewing Station intelligently selects video feeds that are most important and brings them into a dedicated tile. This designated motion tile will switch to feeds where a significant amount of motion is detected, allowing viewers to quickly see important activity and take any necessary action.

Motion Tiles can be configured to search for activity across one or more sites, or even across an entire organization.


  1. Select the viewing station you'd like to add a Motion Tile to
  2. Click Manage Tiles in the upper right portion of the screen
  3. From here, you can select the +Motion Tile object under the camera selection
  4. In the Motion Tile Settings you can define what cameras are in this particular motion tile
  5. Select Save and your Motion Tile will be ready to go.

Selecting Current Page will add all cameras that are on this page of the viewing station. Note: Selecting Current Page with no cameras selected will cause the motion tile to display nothing. 

You can also select sites or sub-sites to add the cameras from those sites to the motion tile. 

Finished Motion Tile

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