When a Verkada camera is installed remotely, a mobile router can be used to connect it. When a camera is mounted within line-of-sight of an existing network, a point-to-point connection can bridge the gap. But what about when the camera is installed beyond the reach of an Ethernet cable and hidden from the view of a point-to-point link? A WiFi bridge can be used to connect your Verkada camera to an existing WiFi network.


Required Equipment:

  • Existing Wi-Fi network

  • Ethernet cables

  • WiFi bridge (with wireless client mode)

  • 802.3af/at PoE source (usually a switch or PoE injector)


Configure your WiFi bridge to connect to your access point as described in its documentation. From there, install proceeds like with any Verkada camera. You will be using the bridge as your network link.

It is strongly recommended to test your Verkada camera in its desired location. Depending on the environment and signal strength, your experience can vary.

If you still have further questions regarding your deployment after reading this article, please contact Verkada sales. 

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