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Learn about the necessary alarm permits required for compliance

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Ensuring compliance with local regulations and codes is crucial for receiving police dispatch for alarm events. In response to rising rates of false alarms, many police departments now require you, as an alarm user, to submit a registration form listing their installer and alarm company. Once submitted, this registration form helps you secure an alarm permit. The registration and permitting process can vary, depending on the city and state.

Prior to installation

Determine permit regulations ahead

Warning. Not securing the necessary alarm permit could lead to fines imposed by the municipality or a lack of police response to alarm events.

To determine whether a permit is mandatory in your vicinity, contact your local police, sheriff, or fire departments through their non-emergency phone line, locate their contact information online, or check to see if they have a publicly available alarm ordinance.

Recommendations for alarm partners and installers

  • Check city and state regulations
    Always check the alarm regulations and codes in the city and state of installation. Requirements for alarm permits can vary significantly from one location to another. Check to see if the city has an Alarm Ordinance online prior to installation.

  • Find relevant registration forms
    In some areas, resellers and installers may need to provide end users with a registration form to enable police dispatch services. Verify local requirements to determine if this step is necessary for your customers.

  • Check the Partner Portal
    For reference about nationwide regulations, read Verkada's Dealer Packet in the Partner Portal (under Training > Selling Verkada Alarms). This resource can provide valuable insights into general requirements and help streamline the permitting process across different locations.

Recommendations for customers who use Verkada Alarms

Obtaining any necessary alarm permits is a crucial step in ensuring the effectiveness of your Verkada alarm system.

  • Familiarize yourself with local city codes
    Take the time to understand the alarm regulations and codes specific to your city. This knowledge can empower you to ask informed questions and ensure compliance with local requirements.

  • Ask your installer for registration forms
    If your local regulations require a registration form or permit for police dispatch, inquire with your alarm system installer. They should be able to provide you with the necessary documentation to complete the permitting process. In some cases they are also the ones responsible for registering the new system.

  • List Verkada on registration forms
    If the registration form requests the name of the alarm company, select Verkada and list our license number in the states where we are licensed (see our Alarms Compliance and Availability page). If your city or state is not listed, contact your Verkada sales representative for further assistance or contact Verkada Support at +1 (650) 514-2500.

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