Deny lists are designed to help further strengthen the capabilities of our existing security screen capabilities. Within Guests, administrators can import a custom deny list of individuals to be denied entry to their site.

This is perfect for safeguarding cases such as:

  • Restraining Orders

  • Complex Custody Arrangements

  • Disgruntled Former Employees

  • Trespassers

Setting Up Custom Deny Lists

Custom deny lists are defined under a given Guest Site. You will need to have Guest Administrator or Guest Site Manager permissions to edit this feature.


Select the Guest tab from the Home screen in Command

In the upper left-hand corner, select the site where you wish to upload your Deny List

Click the Gear in the top right of the screen, and click on Customize Site

Click on (or scroll down to) Deny List, then click on Import Deny List

Click on Download an example CSV in the resulting pop-up menu to download the template CSV file and enter user information.

Required Fields

  • first_name

  • last_name

Optional Fields

  • date of birth (YYYYMMDD) - This can allow for more specific matches

  • notes - additional notes that will be shared with the receptionist if a suspect matches an entry in the deny list.

After completing the CSV, click the upload CSV button to upload the list to the Guest Site.

Suspect Match Validation

If there is no match then the visitor will continue with the check-in process as usual. Should there be a potential match, Verkada Guest will prompt front desk personnel to review the event.

Denied Entry

If a guest is denied entry to the site, the iPad kiosk will display a Denied Entry Message and notify specific contacts as configured in the site settings. To change these settings for a particular Guest site, click the Gear in the top right of the Guest interface and click on the site's settings.

Click on (or scroll down to) Denied Entry and update the Notify Contacts and Entry denied message accordingly.

If your organization has multiple Guest sites be sure to set these settings appropriately for each Guest site.

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