Bulk Edit Air Quality Sensor Settings
Quickly edit device information, sensor settings and alert thresholds for several sensor devices at once
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Bulk Select Sensors

Navigate to the All Products menu and then select the Devices page in Command and select the air quality sensors you would like to modify.

Keep in mind, that you can only edit in bulk when Environmental Sensors are the only device type selected.

You can easily filter by entering the term device type: Air Quality into the search bar at the top to ensure only sensors are shown:

Select the sensors you would like to apply changes to by marking the check box to the right of the device:

You can also select all devices within the site, or all devices in the org by clicking the black box with a white vertical line through it.

Bulk Edit Sensor Settings

Once you have selected your devices press the Edit Settings button in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

Note: This may appear as just a gear cog if you are viewing from a mobile browser or a low-resolution monitor.

The bulk settings edit interface will appear as a menu on the right-hand side. From here you will have the option to modify Site, Location, Sensors and Triggers (Alert Thresholds), Notification Settings and Offline Notifications. If a given parameter is identical across all selected devices it will appear as the value it is set to. If there is a different value set across any of the devices it will appear as Mixed.

Some model devices contain more or less sensor capabilities than others. You may edit all available sensor reader settings. If you select a mix of sensor devices with different capabilities, changes will still be applied to all sensors and the devices with additional capabilities will also be modified. For example, if I select an SV23 and SV25 where I wish to modify Temperature and Carbon Monoxide across these devices, I can modify temperature and still modify Carbon Monoxide. However, because this reading does not exist on the SV23, only on the SV25, temperature will be applied to all devices and Carbon Monoxide will only be applied to the SV25s.

You are also able to subscribe users in bulk to sensor alerts. This is done by adding the user's notification information to the alert category on setup.

To subscribe to multiple different sensor readings, you must click Set Trigger or Edit Trigger for each sensor reading and add the users in the Notify section.

NOTE: Notification Settings apply to a user for all sensor alerts. Currently, there is no way to adjust different notification settings on a per sensor basis.

Once your changes are finalized, click the Next button to submit your changes. Finally, you will be brought to a review screen to confirm the changes that you are about to make. Once reviewed, click Apply.

Keep in mind after a bulk change is applied it cannot be reverted. Any single device configurations will be overwritten with the new values and will have to be set again from their device settings page.

After the change is confirmed Command will begin applying the modifications to your devices. Please be aware that if you are modifying many devices at once this step can take some time. Do not exit or leave this page while changes are being applied. Leaving or exiting the page during this step may lead to the change only being partially applied.

Once the changes are completed you will be given a confirmation or error summary. If you run into any unexpected errors feel free to reach out to Verkada Support.

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