Privacy and Security Disclosures provide a simple way for you to share which products and features are being used at a specific site. The disclosure is designed to be simple for people to access and can be shared in the form of a link embedded in an email, or printed in the form of a QR code or PDF and posted on the premises. Users can view which Verkada products are installed and what analytics features are enabled - as well as which features the organization has opted not to use in order to preserve privacy.


  1. Click on the All Products menu in the top left-hand corner of Command

  2. Select the Admin tile

  3. Select Privacy & Security

  4. Select the > next to Privacy & Security Public Disclosure

  5. Upload your company logo on the left-hand side

    Note: This step is required

  6. You can also choose to hide our show Feature Usage and Contact info on the left-hand side

  7. Once the desired settings are chosen, select Publish in the top right-hand corner

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