Privacy & Security Disclosure

Enable privacy features to my make your Command Organization more secure

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Privacy and Security Disclosures provide a simple way for you to share which products and features are being used at a specific site. The disclosure is designed to be simple for people to access and can be shared in the form of a link embedded in an email, or printed in the form of a QR code or PDF and posted on the premises. Users can view which Verkada products are installed and what analytics features are enabled - as well as which features the organization has opted not to use in order to preserve privacy. You can create one disclosure for your entire organization or you can create individual disclosures for each site depending on the features being used at those locations.


  1. Select Admin from the All Products menu in the top left-hand corner

  2. Select Privacy & Security

  3. Select the > next to Privacy & Security Public Disclosure

  4. Select the + Create New button on the top of the page

  5. Enter the site name and upload your company logo on the left-hand side

    Note: This step is required

  6. You can also choose to toggle on additional information on the left-hand side

  7. Once the desired settings are chosen, select Publish in the top right-hand corner

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