Assigning a User Access to a Door

Grant a user access to unlock a door

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Before a user is able to badge into a door an Access Admin must first grant them access to the door. In order for a door to unlock it needs to be assigned to an access level and that access level needs to be assigned to an access group that the user is a member of.


Ensure you are an Access Admin

If you add an access controller to your org you are automatically made an Access Admin. Otherwise, another Organization Admin (or your account if you are an admin) needs to go to All Products > Admin > Org Settings > Users to elevate your permissions.

From the Users page, select the account to be modified and edit the role dropdown to the appropriate role.

Ensure you are a Site Access Admin

Site Access Admin permissions allow you to see the access controllers and doors on your Home and Devices pages. If you are an Org Admin, you can give yourself Site Access Admin permissions for any site. If you are not an Org Admin, then a current Site Access Admin for the site with the door in question will need to make you a Site Access Admin.

To do so, go to All Products > Access

Select the site you want to grant yourself permissions for using the oval next to Access, then click on Admins

Next, click + Add Admin in the top right

When the dialog box appears, find the user in the list, check their name and select Done to make them a Site Access Admin

Assigning a Door to an Access Level

Navigate to the door's page and select Access

From here, select + Add Access Levels to see a list of all configured access levels for this door. When the dialog box opens, check the box for the desired access levels to apply them to the door and select Add.

Assigning the Access Level to an Access Group

Navigate to All Products > Access > Access Users > Groups

Select an Access Group

Select Access and + Add Access Levels

Check the box next to the access level the door was added to then select Add

Assigning a user to the Access Group

From All Products > Access > Access Users > Groups, select the group to add a user to. Then, under the Members tab, select + Add Members on the right.

Check the box next to the user(s) you want to add to the group and finish it by selecting Add.

Upon completion of the above steps, the user will be able to unlock the door.

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