You can hook up devices such as intercoms and buttons into the auxiliary cassette of the AC41 and all associated unlock events will be logged in Command.

The Verkada AC41 has two AUX inputs on the 5th cassette. These two inputs are located in the middle terminal block.

The AC41 expects both AUX inputs to be Normally Open (NO).

Wire the Normally Open (NO) output of the external system to the first input of your AC41, using the IN1 input as follows:

To configure the input, go to the AC41 device page in Verkada Command, and below the four-door slots, you will see the setup for auxiliary devices. The AC41 supports two separate input devices per controller.

Clicking on an empty aux slot will allow you to configure an aux device that will unlock doors, such as momentary buttons and intercoms.

Give the device a custom name if desired, select the doors that it will unlock, and indicate the unlock time -- how long these doors will be unlocked for by this device. This will override the general unlock time configured under the settings for each door.

If you want to configure an intercom connected to input 1 that will open doors 1 and 2 on the same device for 6 seconds. Click on the first empty aux slot, and then set it up as shown:

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