Users are individuals who can be assigned to access groups with access levels for unlocking doors and administrative privileges to the access system. Users can have multiple access methods to unlock doors such as cards, pin codes, or the Verkada Pass app.



  1. From the Home page choose the Access tab

  2. Select the Access Users tab

  3. Select Manage in the upper right of the page and select Add User from the dialog box.

  4. Next, you will be able to fill out the new user's Profile, Credentials, and Groups.

    Note: It is recommended to add the user's email address if they have one. Email address is required, however, if the user is authorized to use Verkada Pass app to unlock doors they have access to. The email address field can be left blank for access users that do not have company email addresses (outside vendors/contractors, etc.).

  5. Access methods can also be quickly defined during user creation. The user will have the ability to unlock the doors they have access to with the following:

    1. Mobile - the Verkada Pass app

    2. Key Card - Select the card type and enter the required information (Facility code & Card Number)

    3. Entry Code - a pin code that can be entered into keypad readers (found under Profile after the account is created)

  6. Select Done to finalize user creation.

The steps to bulk add access users can be found here.

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