Verkada supports SAML authentication using OneLogin as your Identity Provider (IdP). Here are the instructions on setting it up.

Configuring Verkada SSO with OneLogin

**NOTE: Before OneLogin SAML can be enabled, the Verkada Cloud Security team needs to be contacted to generate your Client ID.

  1. Click on "Applications"

2. Click the "Add App" button

3. Search for "OneLogin SAML Test (IdP)"

4. Edit the portal to distinguish that it is a Verkada SSO and then click "Save"

5. Click on "Configuration" 

6. Click "Save" after adding these parameters below

**NOTE: Replace "[CLIENTID]" with the Client ID that was given to you from the Verkada Cloud Security Team

7. Select "Parameters"  

8. Use these fields and values and make sure you check "Include in SAML assertion" Then "save".

Your Parameters should look like this after the changes:

9. Click SSO 

10. Go to "More Actions" drop down menu and click SAML Metadata to download the Metadata.

Send this metadata to Verkada Support so SAML can be enabled on your Organization

This video demonstrates logging in with the SAML Login URL

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