An infrared illuminator, or IR illuminator, is a tool that emits light in the infrared spectrum. IR light has a wavelength longer than visible light, and is therefore invisible to the human eye, but visible to a camera. IR Illuminators are built into Verkada cameras and have ranges, based on model, of 15m-30m There are times when additional light might be necessary for your camera to capture all activity in the field of view.

IR Illuminators output at specific wavelengths, and Verkada cameras are compatible with external IR Illuminators that operate in the 850nm range. 

Here are some examples of what an IR illuminator can do to enhance the night vision of your camera. Depending on how much ambient light is available, you may find it best to supplement a larger IR illuminator.

Example CD51-E without an external IR Illuminator

Example CD51-E with an external IR Illuminator

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