Multi-Camera Playback is used to view historical footage with multiple cameras at the same time. This feature lets you put up to 4 cameras in a grid like formation and view the footage side-by-side. This can be used to track a person through multiple camera angles and review their actions in each frame. Instead of switching tabs and viewing footage one camera at a time, a user can increase their efficiency by using the Multi-Camera Playback feature.

Here is an example of tacking a person using the Multi-Camera playback functionality:

***NOTE: The orange box was added in after the video was recorded to show our users how they could track a person with multiple camera angles.

Multi-Camera Playback works across multiple sites, which makes it easy for users to select many different angles.

How to use Multi-Camera Playback

1. Open any camera in Verkada command

2. Navigate to the particular time of interest. For example, if I wanted to see what happened at 10:50 A.M. PST with a duration of 5 minutes today, this is what the camera configuration would look like:

A. First I would set the duration:

B. Then I would set the time:

3. Now that the date and time configuration is done, click on the thumbnail with the time of interest:

4. To activate the Multi-Camera Playback feature, click on the "+ Cameras" button below the recorded video

5. Here you will be able to add additional cameras (up to four total) to watch during the same time frame:

You may search for cameras in the text box "Filter by camera name". Click on a camera to add it to the multi-camera playback. A blue checkmark will appear on its thumbnail.

6. Click on the magnifying glass to digitally zoom a video in or out 

7. To temporarily drill into one particular camera and view only its feed, click on its name at the top, or click on its video feed

8. Click on the back button at the top to return to multi-camera playback

9. The final result with four cameras would look like this:

10. Click and drag a video feed to rearrange the positioning of cameras

11. Take a snapshot of the multi-camera playback (purple box), or archive all of the cameras' feeds (green box)

The snapshot will look like this:

This video shows the entire process of how to set up Multi-Camera Playback:

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