Multi-Camera Playback

View historical footage from multiple cameras at the same time

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You can use the multi-camera playback feature to view historical footage from multiple cameras simultaneously. This feature allows you to add up to 4 cameras to a grid formation and view the footage side-by-side.

You can use this feature to track a person through multiple camera angles and review their actions in each frame, rather than switching tabs and viewing footage one camera at a time.

Use multi-camera playback

  1. In Verkada Command, go to All Products > Cameras.

  2. Select and open any camera.

  3. Go to the particular time of interest using the historical video controls and select the date and time of the footage you want to see.

  4. Select the historical clip you want to view and click Cameras.

  5. Select additional cameras you want to add to the multi-camera view. At the top right, use Filter by camera name to search for specific cameras. A blue checkmark appears on the thumbnail of all selected cameras.

  6. (Optional) Click and drag a video feed to the correct position to rearrange the camera positions.

  7. Click Camera to take a snapshot of the multi-camera playback.

  8. (Optional) Click Archive to archive all of the cameras' feeds.

Video Walkthrough

Note: If you add cameras or increase playback speed, it linearly increases the bandwidth consumption on the camera's network. Read Bandwidth Consumption & Uplink Requirements for Video to learn about the bitrates associated to the available camera models.

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