People and Vehicle search use advanced computer vision functionality to identify people and vehicles within the camera frame. This allows users to highlight areas of interest and quickly find relevant events within a timeline.

View People and Vehicles over a Timeline

You can view people and vehicles in the field of view of historical footage. People and vehicle counting can be performed by users with admin or viewer permission.

  1. Choose a camera you'd like to search.

  2. Select the Motion tab

  3. Make a selection on the video player grid to search for motion int he area

  4. (Optional) Use the Date, People, Vehicle, and High Sensitivity filters for more granular searches

  5. Rub your cursor over any thumbnail and move through the footage, bounding boxes will appear on people and vehicles detected and the motion bar will give the count of people at any given time.

  6. (Optional) Click the motion bar to be taken to the exact time in the recorded footage.

Note: People and/or vehicles will only be available if these objects were detected in the camera frame.

Mobile App

How to perform a simple motion search from the mobile app.

  1. Tap the video and select Motion Grid from the dropdown

  2. Select a region of interest on the grid. In the example below, we select the front entrance.

  3. (optional) Tap the When calendar icon under the motion search to select a time/date range to filter by.

  4. The results will appear below

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