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Ring Central Configuration for TD52
Ring Central Configuration for TD52

Configure Ring Central SIP integration

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Disclaimer: Currently RingCentral does not support early media, so Video calling is not supported. TLS signalling and SRTP are also unsupported for the time being.

RingCentral Account Setup

  1. In the RingCentral admin portal navigate to Phone System > Phones & Devices > User Phones.

  2. Select Existing Phone.

  3. Click Set Up and Provision.

  4. Click Set up manually using SIP.

  5. For Will you be using secure voice transport on this device? select No.

  6. Select the appropriate Outbound Proxy for your region.

  7. Copy down the following from the Setup & Provisioning:

    1. SIP domain

    2. Outbound Proxy

    3. User Name

    4. Password

    5. Authorization ID

  8. Click Done.

RingCentral Extension Setup

  1. In the RingCentral admin portal navigate to Users > Add User.

  2. Create a user.

  3. Navigate to Phone system > Phones & Devices > User Phones.

  4. Click into your intercom > Set Up and Assign.

    1. Select location

    2. Select the user you created in step 2

    3. Name your phone

    4. Select an available number

    5. Add emergency response location

    6. Configure SMS (optional, adds no functionality on Verkada end)

Command Setup

  1. Navigate to your Intercom's settings page.

  2. Navigate to Call > Add Account.

  3. Fill in SIP Account Name, this is not relevant for registration and is only used for Verkada event generation.

  4. Copy the Ring Central elements listed above to the Verkada SIP configuration fields using the following mapping:

Ring Central Field

Command Field

SIP Domain

Domain / Server *

Outbound Proxy


User Name

User ID / Extension *


Password / Secret *

Authorization ID

Authorization ID

5. For Transport Mode, select TCP.

6. Click Save.

7. Navigate to your Intercom's receivers page or to the Call Flows tab.

8. Locate your Call List of choice and select the + > SIP Phone.

9. Type in the Ring Central intercom's extension and click Check to save.

10. Upon success, you will see a green checkmark in the call list.


Is video supported?

Not currently.

What RingCentral user licenses do I need to assign to my intercom?

We recommend registering the TD52 with the RingEX™ User license.

Why is my TD52 not registering?

Make sure to click Done in the set-up and provisioning menu in Ring Central before trying to save the SIP configs for your TD52 in Verkada Command. After pressing Done click Resync if needed.

Can I use the Ring Central app to receive calls from my intercom?

Yes. As long as the Intercom is registered, you can receive calls from the TD52 in the RingCentral app.

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