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Aiming a Directional Antenna for the GC31-E
Aiming a Directional Antenna for the GC31-E

How to aim a directional antenna for a GC31-E a cellular gateway.

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The GC31-E is compatible with external LTE antennas using N-type connectors. Verkada offers the ACC-ANT-10 Outdoor Directional Antenna, which can easily replace the omnidirectional antennas included with the gateway. A directional antenna can improve signal strength on the GC31-E when pointed toward the connected cell tower.

Aiming a directional antenna

To aim a directional antenna at the correct cell tower, we need to get the azimuth angle between the gateway and the cell tower.

Required. Before you begin, Install the GC31-E and set up the device in Verkada Command. Ensure the gateway is online for at least 5 minutes before proceeding.

  1. In Verkada Command, go to All Products > Gateways .

  2. Select the GC31-E that will connect to the directional antenna.

  3. Hover over the GC31-E to display the azimuth angle.

  4. Open the compass app on a mobile phone and rotate the phone until the azimuth angle is reached. This will be the direction to point the antenna for maximum gain.

  5. For optimal performance, mount the directional antenna high up on a pole with a clearer line of sight toward the cell tower.

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