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Use Cellular Gateways for WAN Failover
Use Cellular Gateways for WAN Failover

Learn how to use the cellular gateways to provide failover connectivity for mission-critical devices.

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The GC31 and GC31-E Cellular Gateways support WAN failover mode, which enables the gateway to act as an uplink to your existing network. In WAN failover mode, the Gateway’s cellular connection will act as a failover, helping ensure that your security devices remain online and operational even when your primary network experiences downtime.

Note: The cellular connection will remain active when the device is in WAN failover mode and consume minimal data. When the wired ethernet connection fails, the cellular connection acts as a failover, keeping the gateway and any connected devices online.

Enabling WAN Mode

GC31-E Outdoor Cellular Gateway

WAN failover mode works automatically on the GC31-E.

  1. Plug the ethernet cable into the PoE In port, and the gateway will automatically detect the uplink and use the wired connection.

  2. Once the gateway receives an IP address from the wired network, a WAN badge will appear on the gateway details page, indicating that the connection was successful and the gateway is now functioning in WAN failover mode.

GC31 Indoor Cellular Gateway

To enable WAN failover mode on the GC31, you will need to configure PoE Out Port 2 to act as an uplink.

  1. In Verkada Command, go to All Products > Gateways .

  2. Select the gateway you want to configure.

  3. In the top right, click Settings .

  4. Under Network > Port 2 Configuration, select Wide Area Network (WAN).

  5. Click Apply to save the configuration.

  6. Click Confirm, and the device will reboot. PoE port 2 will now act as a WAN port.

  7. Plug the ethernet cable into PoE port 2.

  8. When the device receives an IP from the wired network, a WAN badge will appear on the gateway details page.

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