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Mount an AC12

Learn how to configure a PoE passthrough on the AC12 one-door controller

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The Verkada access controller physically connects to door components to manage access. Access controllers work with your building’s existing door hardware and readers.

Before you begin

Verify the contents of your box

  • AC12 access controller

  • AC12 top hat cover

  • mount plate

  • T10 security Torx screwdriver

  • 2 grommets

  • Grommet punch

  • 4 drywall screws

  • 4 drywall anchors

  • 4 M4x18mm machine screws

  • 4 8–32¾” machine screws

Verify the tools you need

  • A working internet connection

  • A smartphone or laptop

  • A #2 Phillips head and power drill

  • A level

Mount the AC12

Decide how you want to mount the Verkada AC12 one-door controller. You can mount it flush to the wall with the included bracket or using any sized junction box.

Recommendation. We recommend to use the Verkada Square Junction Box (ACC-MNT-11) for the best aesthetic look.

  1. Choose how you want to mount the AC12. There are 2 ways:

    • Option 1: Mount to the junction box where all wires to come from the center hole.

    • Option 2: Mount directly to the wall where all wires come from the closest outer edges.

  2. Ensure that the hinges are lined up tightly with the mount plate and slide downward into place.

  3. Remove the AC12 Top Hat and mount. You'll need to loosen the 2 blue security screws. These are held in place by springs and don't need to be completely removed.

Required. You must route the wires through the hole of the AC12 before plugging in blocks, or you need to unplug them to fit the top hat back on.

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