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Power I/O on the AC12

Learn how to power input/output (I/O) on the AC12 one-door controller

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The Verkada access controller physically connects to door components to manage access. Access controllers work with your building’s existing door hardware and readers.

Powering methods

There are a few different ways to power the Verkada AC12 one-door controller. Some features are limited, depending on the selected mode:

  • Powering the device with a PoE++/ connection (60W)

  • Powering the device with a PoE+/ connection (30W)

  • Powering the device with a PoE+/ connection (15W)

  • Powering the device with a DC12V connection (30W)

The AC12 is unique from our other access devices:

  • You can power it exclusively by Power over Ethernet (PoE) with the same duty limits offered by other Verkada-wall-powered solutions.

  • (Optional) You can power it with a DC12V in connection.

Note: Depending on the primary power and enabled features, different current and voltage limits apply to the lock as shown below:

Restrictions with accessory devices

By default, the second reader power rail is disabled.

Required. To enable this power rail, configure the access controller as an input/output (I/O) door. Required to enable this reader.

By default, the USB output is disabled.

Required. For access and use of the USB power, you must enable from the settings page of the AC12 in Verkada Command.

By default, PoE output is a 30W PoE+ connection. This can have limitations if all accessories are enabled and powered down to a 27W max output. For more information, see PoE Passthrough on the AC12.

Use the DC12V input

You can use the DC12V input to:

  • Power the unit as a primary supply in 30W mode.

  • Use in conjunction with PoE power to serve as a backup power supply.

The AC12 requires a battery changing device to be used with a battery backup. Connecting just a 12V battery to the 12V input does not keep the battery charged over its operation.

⚠️ Warning. Do not connect a battery to the 12V output to charge it. This may damage the battery.

UPS backup on the AC12

To facilitate a UPS backup on the AC12, we recommend these options:

  • Connect to a switch on a UPS.

  • Utilize a 12V output from a battery backed up external power supply.

  • Utilize a 12V DC connection from a wall outlet independent of the main switch.

  • Provide PoE power from a battery-backed-up external power supply.

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