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Wire a Traditional Doorbell Chime for TD52
Wire a Traditional Doorbell Chime for TD52

Wire a traditional doorbell chime and transformers to your Verkada TD52 Video Intercom

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The Verkada TD52 Video Intercom includes an output relay that you can use to trigger a doorbell/chime.

Configure a Chime output


How it works

  1. In Verkada Command, go to All Products > Intercom.

  2. Select your Verkada TD52 intercom and click Settings.

  3. Click I/O > Output and select Chime. The TD52's relay will change state and a third-party chime can be powered.

Wire your TD52

Note: This configuration was tested using a 16V MAXDOT Doorbell Transformer (part #T57-0052) and Newhouse Hardware chimes (part #CHM1), both of which can be found on

  1. Remove the terminal block from the rear of your TD52.

  2. Wire the COM output on the terminal block to one of the terminal screws on the doorbell transformer.

  3. For each doorbell, wire the Front and Trans terminals to the NO terminal on the intercom, and the remaining terminal on the doorbell transformer, respectively, as shown.

  4. Reinsert the terminal block.

    Example: For multiple doorbells, wire in parallel

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