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Troubleshooting Guide for CP52-E PTZ
Troubleshooting Guide for CP52-E PTZ

Learn how to troubleshoot Verkada's CP52-E PTZ camera with WebRTC

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The CP52-E PTZ camera uses Web Real-Time Communications (WebRTC) to achieve ultra-low latency for both streaming and camera controls, from anywhere in the world. The expected latency should be around 0.5 seconds when the camera has properly established a WebRTC connection. However, there are some instances where the WebRTC connection might fail due to networking issues or firewall configurations.

Use this article to learn how to achieve the best performance and lowest latency for the CP52-E PTZ camera through the use of WebRTC.

Common questions

How do I know if WebRTC is not working?

If you are experiencing a latency of around ~2 seconds, WebRTC has most likely failed. You will be able to easily determine this by looking at the video feed’s layover UI in Command. If you notice an orange exclamation mark (see image below) at the top of the CP52-E’s video feed, this indicates that the camera was unable to establish a WebRTC connection.

What are the recommended domains to use?

Verkada devices need to communicate with specific domains to provide you with a full-featured experience. For the CP52-E PTZ, the following domains must be accessible by the camera in order to establish a WebRTC connection:

* - TCP+UDP/443
* - TCP+UDP/443
* - TCP+UDP/443 - UDP/123
*:4100 - TCP/UDP on LAN (only required for local streaming)

* - TCP/443
* - UDP/443
* - TCP/443
* - UDP/443

Video resolution


Sensor Resolution

Streaming Settings

5MP (2688 x 1944)

Static PTZ: 600–2500 Kbps

User-controlled PTZ: 2000–5000 Kbps

Sentry Mode: 1500–4000 Kbps

What if I still cannot establish a low-latency WebRTC connection?

If your network is configured properly as per the instructions above, and you still cannot establish a low-latency WebRTC connection:

  1. Use the Network Troubleshooting - Internet Sharing guide to provide a packet capture to the team so we can best solve your issue.

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