Once your TD52 is connected to a POE/POE+ (Power: 11.5W (IEEE 802.3af PoE) ; Extended Temperature Range: 25.5W (IEEE 802.3at PoE)) enabled switch, it will automatically start to boot up.

The TD52 can be added to Command using its serial number. The serial number is located just below the I/O cover on the back of the unit and on the top side of the box.

Information label located on the back of the TD52:

Information label located on the top side of the box:

For instructions on adding the TD52 serial to your Command account, please refer here.

Bringing your TD52 Online

After entering or scanning your intercom's serial number, the camera will start transmitting video. It typically takes 3-4 minutes for the video stream to appear in Command. An LED above the camera will indicate the status of the TD52 and a set of white LEDs located between the camera and the call button will indicate what stage the unit is on during initial startup.

For more information about the TD52 status LEDs refer here.

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