What are High Volume Events?

High volume events are classified as multiple repeated confirmation events in a short period of time. These multiple events will lead to courtesy confirmation call due to the volume of said confirmations.

High volume events are raised when 15 or more verifications are sent within the hour.

These courtesy calls will be sent regardless of security settings ie normal and max security.

Common occurrences

Hypothetically, say your business has a cleaning crew that arrives late during the time the site is armed. Even if the site is set to normal security and the verifications show no threat to persons or property, the cleaning crew could trigger many person detected events leading to the high volume event which a courtesy call will be sent.

The solution in this case would be to have a schedule set to disarm the site for the time they are there, or have the cleaning crew disarm the site either via the mobile app, console, and or via a verkada access controlled door.

How can this be avoided?

If devices are sending a high amount of events, you can attempt to move the devices sending high amounts of verifications to separate alarms subsites which will limit the overall messages per site to avoid this from occurring. If that is not possible, the following list details other methods to resolve the issue.

  • Mobile App to disarm alarm site

  • Console keypad

  • Schedules

  • disarm / arm via door

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