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Battery backup for the Verkada BP41
Battery backup for the Verkada BP41
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In situations where your Verkada alarm panel is powering locks or being used in critical safety applications, it is important to have backup power in the case of a power outage.

Battery Backup

Verkada sells the ACC-BAT-4AH for use with the BP41 alarm panel. The Verkada BP41 can be powered by a 12V 4.5Ah sealed lead-acid (SLA) battery as a backup power source.


To install a backup battery into your Verkada BP41, simply connect the red lead with the positive (+) connector on the battery and the black one to the negative (-). The battery pack can then sit inside the Verkada BP41 case.

Wiring two backup batteries to the BP41

To get double the amp hours (capacity), while maintaining the same voltage you can connect two batteries. You can connect two batteries in parallel (NOT in series) to provide twice as much battery capacity. Below is a wiring diagram that shows this.

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