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Fire Alarm Control Panel with AC41
Fire Alarm Control Panel with AC41

Properly integrate your locks with a fire alarm system

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Some access control installations will require that the locks tie into the Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP). This allows the FACP to unlock or drop power to certain doors during an active fire alarm. Usually, the set of doors that are unlocked consists of emergency egress points, staircase doors, elevator lobby doors, and exterior entries or exits.

Note: Every state, county, and municipality will have different requirements. Some may be more strict than others. It is on the installer to identify what requirements must be met.

At a high level, the FACP relay is wired directly to the Access Power Controller FACP Trigger Input. Additionally, you can tie an emergency REX button to release the mag lock.

FACP to Access Power Controller / Power Supply Wiring Diagram

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Fire Alarm Control Panels work?

  1. When the FACP detects a fire, it begins to alarm, setting off sirens and calling the Fire Department.

  2. In addition, it can be programmed to set off an auxiliary relay (or a series of relays).

  3. The relay is then wired directly into the access power controller(s).

  4. The access power controller/power supply will then drop power or unlock the configured locks.

Could I tie the FACP directly into the Verkada AC41?

No. The Verkada AC41 does NOT have a dedicated FACP input. Thus, if your installation requires FACP integration, you cannot use the Verkada AC41 to power your locks. This means you have to set the door controller to None and cannot use a wet configuration (12VDC and 24VDC).

In the wet configuration, there is no access power controller/power supply so there is no way to integrate your FACP input with your locks.

Where do I find the FACP Trigger Input on my Access Power Controller?

The location of the FACP Trigger Input will vary depending on the Access Power Controller / Power Supply you are using. It is on the installer to read the appropriate documentation and understand the proper wiring configuration. For example, on the Altronix AL600ULACM (a popular power controller) the documentation shows where the FACP trigger input is located and how it should be wired:

Installation Examples

An example diagram using the Altronix AL600ULACM (Access Power Controller)

AC41 → Access Power Controller → Maglock

AC41 → Access Power Controller → Lock

Access Power Controller FACP Interface

Access Power Controller → FACP

Video showing AC41 - Altronix Power Controller - Lock - FACP Integration

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