Removing a Card Reader

Card readers are automatically registered to a controller when first detected. If the reader is uninstalled, we can remove it from Command.

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When a card reader is first installed and connected, Verkada access controllers automatically register the reader type and port to Verkada Command. This allows for an easy installation and setup. Readers do not need to be configured for each door as they are automatically detected and assigned to the correct port.

However, users may want to switch to a different reader type, move the reader to a different door port, or remove the reader altogether. If this is the case, Verkada allows users to remove a card reader from the port it was originally paired to.


Removing the Reader

1. Begin by selecting the All Products > Devices page in Verkada Command and finding the access controller with the reader(s) you'd like to remove.

2. Select the arrow on the right-hand side of the page to go to the device page, then select the Settings tab in the upper right hand corner

3. Scroll down to find the reader section.

4. Find the reader you want to remove (Verkada card readers on top; Wiegand card readers on bottom) and select the Remove Verkada Reader or Remove Wiegand Reader button.

5. Select Remove to confirm removing the reader.

Note: If you remove the wrong reader, please restart your access controller using the Restart button on the Settings page or by unplugging the access controller from power and plugging it back in.

If you remove a reader by mistake and reboot your controller and the reader does not reappear as installed, this means the controller isn't detecting a reader on that port, please check the wiring and reader installation or reach out to Verkada Support.

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