An organization's SCIM token authenticates Azure AD or Okta to dynamically provision users and groups in Command. In the event that you would like to regenerate this token, such as if it is lost or compromised, you may do so from Org Settings. Please note that once you refresh an organization's SCIM token, the previous token will be immediately invalidated. As such, you should immediately copy the new token into Azure AD or Okta to ensure there is no interruption to your user provisioning.


  • Your organization must already have had SCIM provisioning enabled

  • You must be an Organization Admin to refresh the SCIM token


Select the Admin tab from the left hand menu.

Ensuring Org Settings is selected, choose SCIM to manage the SCIM configuration.

Select the Refresh button.

A warning is displayed. Select Continue to confirm.

The newly-generated SCIM token will be displayed. Click on the token to copy it to your clipboard. Please immediately update your Azure AD or Okta configuration with this new token, as it will never be shown again once the page is reloaded.

For detailed instructions on how to configure your specific SCIM client, please consult our SCIM setup guides for Azure AD or Okta.

Please contact Verkada Support with any additional questions.

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