Adding a Camera feed to your Sensor

You may want to add a camera feed so that you can see what's going on near the sensor at a quick glance. To add the feed from one of your Verkada cameras to the sensor stream page, follow these steps.

  1. Select the + Camera icon in the upper right part of the Sensor page
  2. Choose which camera you'd like to add to this sensor
  3. Select Confirm to add the camera
  4. You'll see the camera feed show up above the sensor info

Adding Camera feeds to multiple Sensors

You can quickly add cameras from the Sensors page for any sensors that do not have feeds associated.

  1. Select Sensors on the left-hand sidebar menu
  2. Select the + Camera next to the sensor you'd like to add the camera to
  3. Chose which camera you'd like to add to this sensor
  4. Select Confirm to add the camera
  5. You'll see the camera's thumbnail populate in the sensor list

Changing or Removing a Camera feed from a Sensor

To remove a camera feed from a given sensor, navigate to the feed page for that sensor and follow these steps.

  1. In the upper-right corner of the camera feed select the pencil icon that shows Edit Camera
  2. This will open the Select Camera menu where you can change which camera is selected
  3. If you'd like to remove the feed completely, just select it to remove the check mark
  4. Select Confirm to finalize the settings


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