The Verkada AC41 requires wired inputs into its cartridges in order to register events and operate locks. This does not however prevent wireless locks from integrating with the AC41. In this example, we will show how by using the wireless lock Schlage AD400 paired with a PIM400-TD2.

Hardware List

  • AC41

  • Schlage AD400

  • Schlage PIM400-TD2

  • Schlage HHD (for pairing and configuration)

Setting up a Wireless Lock

The wireless lock should be mounted to the door as specified in the lock's installation documentation. Here is an example of the Schlage AD400 mounted on a door in our test environment:

The Schlage PIM400-TD2 should also be mounted as specified by the installation documentation but should be located near the AC41 as we will need to wire the two together.

Referencing the PIM400-TD2 wiring guide, connect the outputs of the door being paired (in this example door 1) to the chosen cartridge on the AC41. The image below shows the red and black, D0 and D1 of the door along with REX and DPI outputs being connected to AC41 door cartridge 1:

With wiring complete, use a Schlage Handheld Device or HHD to pair the PIM400-TD2 to the Schlage AD400. Once the devices are paired and powered on you will be able to control and see events from the wireless lock on Verkada Command in the same way as wired locks.

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