Battery Backup for the AC41

Use a backup battery for redundant power on your Verkada AC41 Door Controller

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In the case of a power outage, or situations where your Verkada access controller is powering locks, or being used in critical safety applications, you always need to consider a battery backup plan.

Verkada door controllers bring plug-and-play simplicity to enterprise-grade access control. Secure out-of-the-box, the AC41 supports existing door hardware and card readers while enabling cloud-based access to a limitless number of doors and events occurring across your organization.

Verkada sells the ACC-BAT-4AH for use with the AC41, where it can be powered by a 12V 4.5Ah, sealed lead-acid (SLA) battery as a backup power source.

Install a backup battery to your AC41

Connect the red lead with the positive (+) connector on the battery and the black one to the negative (-). The battery pack can then sit inside the Verkada AC41 case.

Example: Ready-to-connect red and black leads

Example: Completed installation

Wire backup batteries to the AC41

To get double the amp hours (capacity), while maintaining the same voltage, you can connect 2 batteries in parallel (not in series) to provide twice as much battery capacity.

Example: Connecting 2 batteries in parallel

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