The Verkada AC41 physically connects to door components in order to manage access. In order to use a Verkada access controller, it must be claimed to a Command Organization.

Once you’ve claimed your Verkada AC41, the Access portion of Command will appear allowing door and access controller management.

Adding an access controller entails registering the serial number in Verkada Command. This will update the controller to the latest firmware and make it available for configuration.



Log into Verkada Command

Click Add Device

Enter the serial number in and click Add Device

Enter a name for the Controller and set the location for the controller (location is required, you must first add a building and then add a floor if you haven't already, then you must select the floor).

NOTE: The building's address determines the timezone for the controller, so it is imperative the correct building is selected in order for schedules to behave as intended.

Once satisfied, click Next

If you do not have the desired building added yet, click the text that says Not Selected

Click the + Add Building button

Fill out all of the information and ensure the address is correct (NOTE: Floors do NOT have to be numbers, for example you could put: “Garage, Main, Roof”). Hit the Save button

Select the floor you want to assign the controller to and hit the confirm button

Confirm the details are correct, then click Add Device

You will now be taken to your device on the Devices page and your account will be promoted to Access Admin for the current organization.

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