Each Verkada camera comes with a mount plate, a mounting template, a T10 security Torx screw driver, and standard hardware (outlined below). Also included is a setup guide that outlines tips for a fast and easy installation. We recommend working with an approved Verkada partner for installation of your system. 

You can download the setup guides here:

Installation accessories

The following mounting accessories are available from Verkada:

  • Pendant cap and mount
  • Wall-mounted L-bracket
  • Pole Mount
  • Angle Mount
  • Mini Pendant Cap Mount
  • Mini Junction Box

See this PDF for details.


All indoor Verkada cameras use industry-standard 802.3af power over ethernet (PoE). Outdoor camera models require the higher-power 802.3at standard for the built-in

cold-weather climate built-in heater. Our datasheets will tell you the power consumption that each camera requires.

You can download the datasheet for each of our cameras here:

Verkada cameras are considered low-voltage devices. No certification or license is required to run the ethernet wires, but we strongly recommend working with a professional integrator. Contact Verkada Sales at [email protected] to be connected with one of our trusted partners.

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