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Loss of Network Connection for Cameras
Loss of Network Connection for Cameras

Learn about how cameras continue to record even when there is no internet connection

Updated over a week ago

Verkada cameras continue to record and save the video without a network connection as long as there is a power source. You can be assured the camera is recording as long as long as the device's LED is blinking blue in any pattern, whether exclusively blue or blue with 1 to 8 orange blinks in between.

If you only see orange blinks (and no blue), your camera is likely not recording. The assumption is that it's likely upgrading, which involves a reboot. During that reboot, the camera cannot record.

Learn more about the different LED status colors.

Check your network configuration

If your camera continues to blink blue and you have internet access onsite, check to make sure your network meets our required network configuration.

Once the camera is reconnected, it begins to sync its footage from the outage and may take some time before that video is accessible.

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