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Power Options for the GC31-E

Learn about the various ways you can power the GC31-E

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The GC31-E outdoor cellular gateway has three power input options, making it compatible with a variety of power sources such as AC outlets, solar panels/batteries, or streetlights. This article covers some of the common installation scenarios.

Required. Always hire a licensed electrician for installations that involve electrical wiring.

Outdoor AC outlet or junction box

Customers can use the Verkada 90W Outdoor PoE++ Injector, which takes in 100-240VAC and sends power through the GC31-E's PoE input. The injector is weatherized (IP66) and can be plugged into an AC outlet or connected directly to bare wires from a conduit or junction box. For a cleaner installation, the GC31-E can be mounted on the surface of the injector.

Indoor AC outlet

For situations where the GC31-E can use power from inside the building, you can use the Verkada 90W Indoor PoE++ Injector or Verkada AC/DC Power Adapter. These accessories plug into a 100-240V AC outlet and send power to the GC31-E through the PoE and barrel jack inputs, respectively.

Streetlight pole

On the top of most street lights or parking lot lights is a round photocontrol receptacle, which can be used to power auxiliary devices such as the GC31-E. Verkada recommends the FP 7-Pin AC/DC Power Tap, which is compatible with 105-240VAC light poles and has an optional photocontrol passthrough. The power tap outputs DC power via PoE, allowing it to be connected directly to the GC31-E's PoE input.

Required. Always hire a licensed electrician for light pole installations, and obtain permission from the entity that owns the pole. A meter may also need to be installed in some cases.

For 277V and 480V street lights, hire a licensed electrician to step down the voltage to 120V and use the Verkada 90W Outdoor PoE++ Injector to power the GC31-E. For streetlights that only have power at night, we recommend adding a backup battery that can discharge during the day.

Solar/battery power

The GC31-E has a DC terminal block input that allows for direct wiring to a solar panel and/or battery. A 12V or 24V battery is recommended, as the GC31-E accepts 12-36VDC.

For vehicle installations, we recommend wiring to a 12V accessory or using a power timer off-relay to avoid draining the battery when the ignition is off.


  • The expected power consumption for the GC31-E is 10W under normal circumstances and 15W when the heaters are on.

  • The GC31-E requires 90W in order to provide its full 60W power output.

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