TD52 Status LEDs

Learn more about the LED status for a Verkada TD52 Video Intercom

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The Verkada TD52 Video Intercom uses 2 sets of LED status lights:

  • 1 blue LED (located above the camera)—Indicates the current status of the unit. The camera continues to record, regardless of if its visibility in Verkada Command.

  • 6 white LEDs (located above the call button)—Indicates the stage of the Intercom in the setup process.

Status LEDs

The LED status light consists of the following states:

  • Solid orange—Booting up

  • Flashing orange—Updating firmware

  • Flashing blue—Establishing network connection

  • Solid blue—Fully healthy

  • Flashing pink—Identify

Example: Fully online and healthy Intercom

Setup progression for status LEDs

When you first turn on the Intercom, a white LED appears. The LEDs progresses as the setup progresses (up to 5 additional LEDs light up). These status LEDs are essentially a progress bar to indicate how far along the Intercom is in first coming online.

The LEDs indicate the following states:

  • Boot up

  • Looking for IP address

  • Connecting to Verkada

  • Intercom connected and authenticating

  • Intercom connecting to Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)

  • Receiver setup

Note: The status bar does not persist after the Intercom is fully configured. The status bar only appears again, after it is decommissioned, and then added back to Command.

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