AX11 Elevator Installation
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The Verkada AX11 has 16 output relays which allow you to access control up to two elevators with up to 16 floors between them. Users can scan their badge in the elevator which will allow them to click the floor buttons.

Note: The user must be given access to the floor via Verkada Command. If the user does not have access to the floor, they will not be able to click that button. The Command side configuration steps can be found here.


The elevator company should give the installer two button control leads (one wire pair) per floor. If these leads are touched together, users can press the floor button. And when the leads are held apart, users cannot press the floor button (or vice versa depending on the elevator model/manufacturer).

AX11 Elevator Wiring

On the elevator control panel, each floor has a pair of control leads (wires) that allow that floor button to be pressed when the circuit is complete. Meaning when the relay is closed the floor is accessible. Each floor’s control leads should be installed on one of the AX11’s output relays, as shown below.

AX11 Elevator Wiring Example

AX11 Elevator Wiring (two elevators, six floors each example)

AX11 Reader Wiring

Readers should be on the inside of the elevator cab. The AX11 supports Wiegand and Verkada readers. Any combination of readers is supported (i.e. one Verkada and one Wiegand reader). Only 2 readers can be used at a time for the device: either one reader per elevator (for two elevators) or two readers for a single elevator.

Examples of Reader Wiring

AX11 Ground

Elevator traveling cables are susceptible to EMF, especially on the reader wire. This can damage the AX11 controller. Ensure the reader is wired using shielded cabling and properly drained to earth ground, ideally at the reader end.

If you are not able to properly drain the wire to earth ground at the reader end, you can use the chassis ground points on the AX11. The drain wire of the shielded cable should be secured to the nearest AX11 chassis ground. The AX11 is equipped with three, easy to locate chassis ground points.

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