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AX11 Elevator Installation

Learn how to install the AX11 elevator

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The Verkada AX11 IO Controller enables your organization to manage access control for up to 16 floors on a maximum of 2 elevator banks. The readers need to be placed inside each elevator. You can scan your badge in the elevator, which allows you to click the floor buttons.

Required. You must be granted access to the floor via Verkada Command. If you don't have access to the floor, you cannot click any floor button. Learn how to configure the AX11 in Command.


Every floor requires two button control leads (from a single wire pair) per floor, which should be provided as part of the elevator system installation.

In a standard configuration:

  • These leads are touched together enabling you to press the button and access that floor.

  • When the leads are held apart, you cannot press the floor button. Some elevator manufacturers/models have the opposite behavior.

Wire the AX11 elevator

In a standard configuration: On the elevator control panel, the control leads are wired as Normally Open (NO). Each floor’s control leads should be connected to one of the AX11’s output relays, as shown below.

Reference the elevator manufacturer's installation manual to ensure correct wiring configuration requirements; for example, NO or Normally Closed (NC).

Example: AX11 Elevator Wiring

Example: AX11 elevator wiring (2 elevators, 6 floors each example)

Wire the AX11 reader

Readers should be on the inside of the elevator cab. The AX11 supports Wiegand and Verkada readers. Any combination of readers is supported (for example, 1 Verkada and 1 Wiegand reader). Learn more about how to connect a reader.

Note: You can only use 2 readers at a time for the device: 1 reader per elevator (for 2 elevators) or 2 readers for a single elevator.

Example: Reader Wiring

Ground the AX11

Elevator traveling cables are susceptible to EMF, especially on the reader wire. This can damage the AX11 controller.

Ensure the reader is wired using shielded cabling and the bare metal drain wire is properly drained to earth ground, ideally at the reader installation end.

If you are unable to properly drain the wire to earth ground at the reader end, you can use the chassis ground points on the AX11. The drain wire of the shielded cable should be secured to the nearest AX11 chassis ground. The AX11 is equipped with three, easy-to-locate chassis ground points.

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